Gastartikel AHK Indien: SAXONY! – A Living and Business Location at its Best

Unsere Mitarbeiterinnen der Fachinformationszentren Zuwanderung in Dresden und Leipzig hatten die Chance, sowohl den Wirtschaftsstandort Sachsen als auch Erfolgsgeschichten bereits eingewanderter Fachkräfte vorzustellen. Diese wurden im Rahmen eines Gastartikels auf der Webseite der Außenhandelskammer Indien veröffentlicht und geben Einblick in das Leben und die Impressionen unseres Landes. 

Lesen Sie den Artikel und die Impressionen unserer Fachkräfte gern hier!

“Saxony – this does not just stand for business, dynamic growth, and industry, not only world-renowned are also the products “made in Saxony” with precision craftsmanship and manufacturing tradition such as MEISSEN® porcelain or watches made in “Glashütte / Sa.” – Saxony enchants. There is a lot of great nature, from the great Lakescape around Leipzig to the mountains in the Elbsandsteingebirge near Dresden, there is a possibility to escape the city, whenever you feel like it. But the Saxonian cities themselves have a lot to offer, too! These places are not only rich in job opportunities of different fields, but also offer a lot of cultural activities, German or international. With a superb blend of a remarkable historical heritage, a wide range of cultural attractions, and great natural beauty – Germany’s number one travel destination for culture enthralls residents and tourists alike. In combination with the low cost of living, Saxony plays an unrivaled role as a new home where you can quickly feel at home and dreams can come true.

[…] Some of the interviewees came for realizing their master’s degrees in Germany and decided to stay, some of them came for a job opportunity and got settled very well. What they all have in common is that they found a permanent stay in Saxony, built successful lives here, want to share some of their experience, and would always recommend not hesitating to make the first steps into the adventure of living and working in Germany”.