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Texulting GmbH is committed to transformation, innovation and progress, resource and environmental protection, fair and inclusive working conditions and strong, long-term partnerships. As a young and agile company, it has set itself the goal of achieving a future-oriented, sustainable and economic transformation of the regional economy. The focus is on the development of products, systems and services in the field of technical textiles and hydrogen technologies.

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Whether electricity products, natural gas products, Internet products or electromobility, the areas in which Sachsen Energie AG operates are diverse. The merger of DREWAG and ENSO stands for low prices, comprehensive service and reliable energy procurement in Saxony. Sachsen Energie helps to save operating costs and optimize the efficiency of your company.

As the largest municipal supplier in eastern Germany, a driving force and partner, Sachsen Energie is firmly anchored in Dresden and the region.

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The Puplizer GmbH – the developer of software for comprehensive digital communication – helps to connect and simplify complex relationships on the social web. Agencies, companies, associations and newspaper publishers are already benefiting from the company’s efficiency and future orientation, including Silicon Saxony and VW.

Together we start into the future.

ATB Arbeit,Technik und Bildung gGmbH builds bridges between science and practice in the fields of personnel development, organizational design, networking and development support, helping older employees in post-qualification, for example, to develop digital strategies for recruiting skilled workers. This establishes independence within the team. Talking about cohesion within the company? Reduce absenteeism? ATB Arbeit,Technik und Bildung gGmbH helps with all of this.

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Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd . develops, produces and sells coaters/developers (lithography clean track), plasma etching systems, vertical furnaces, CVD systems, wet chemical benches / single wafer cleaning systems, spray tools, wafer scrubbers and wafer probers. TEL products occupy a leading market position in the semiconductor industry.


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You are a member of the Wirtschaft für ein Weltoffenes Sachsen e. V. association because you have good reasons to be. Perhaps it was just a small thing that tipped the scales: an inspiring event, your personal convictions and ethical values or the need to do something. If you are convinced by us, then tell your business and cooperation partners about it: Why did you become a member? Why is it important to support the association? The more members we have, the more powerful we become in realizing further initiatives and projects for a cosmopolitan Saxony.

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