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Enabling immigration into work

For companies

You intend to hire international specialists or workers. You have found your dream candidate abroad. The path through offices and authorities is challenging. This is why the Immigration Information Centers (FIZUs) are available free of charge. Our employees provide you with individual support on the topic of skilled worker immigration.

The topics

  • Visa & Residence
  • Recruitment & arrival of internationals
  • Accelerated skilled worker procedure
  • Qualification to secure residence
  • Recognition of professional & academic qualifications
  • Training & further education in the company
  • Language support
  • Financing options
  • Commitment to the company

Directly linked to these processes are the recognition of professional and academic qualifications from abroad, initial and further training in companies, language support and funding opportunities. To this end, we work together with other labor market experts with whom we are happy to put you in direct contact.

Do you urgently need reinforcement in your team, but would like to find out more first?

Immigration opportunities are heavily dependent on the job profile. We therefore regularly hold industry information events online.

We have already compiled general information on job profiles in IT and logistics

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Project management:

Sylvia Pfefferkorn

Support us with your commitment. We look forward to your membership – as a private individual, company or organization.

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Specialist Information Center

Tobias Genswein

Berater Dresden

Nadja Botor

Beraterin Dresden

Aylin Kini

Beraterin Dresden

Antje Pfeifer

Beraterin Chemnitz

Anne Fritsch

Beraterin Leipzig

Julius Jeßing

Berater Leipzig

Franziska Stürmer

Beraterin Leipzig

Lara Kusnezow

Beraterin Leipzig


Annaberger Str. 105
09120 Chemnitz
Tel. 03 71/ 52 02 71 74


Weißeritzstr. 3 (Yenidze)
01067 Dresden
Tel. 03 51/ 43 70 70 50


Georg-Schumann-Str. 173
04159 Leipzig
Tel. 03 41/ 580 88 20 20

We will be happy to advise you. In person, by video, by phone or by e-mail. Saxony-wide. Our advice is free of charge for you.

For labor market experts

Successful immigration into the Saxon labor market is the result of joint action by companies, employers’ associations and chambers as well as public authorities, employment services and advice centers. Our specialist information centers are therefore in constant, constructive contact with employment agencies and job centers, local authorities, state and federal authorities and local advice centers. Short distances, bundled information and tried-and-tested knowledge transfer platforms help us to make progress in these areas in particular:

  • Entry and residence
  • Accelerated skilled worker procedure
  • Recognition of professional and academic qualifications
  • Training and qualification
  • Funding and promotion
  • Language courses and learning German
  • fair professional integration
  • Diversity in the company
  • Integration and retention of foreign employees

Are you interested in our networking and knowledge transfer services? Do you need job or industry-specific information? Are you looking for co-thinkers in a complex problem situation?

For employees

You are interested in Saxony as a place to live and work, have recently moved to the region or already work here. Then we can support you in the following areas:

  • Visa & Residence
  • Communication with the employer
  • Learn German

Funding agency information

The Immigration Information Centers are implemented within the framework of the IQ Network. The nationwide funding program “Integration through Qualification (IQ)” aims to improve the employment opportunities of adult migrants in Germany.

It is of central interest that vocational qualifications acquired abroad – regardless of the residence title – more frequently lead to employment that is appropriate to the level of education.

We implement the specialist information centers on immigration together with the following cooperation partners:

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