Cosmopolitanism vs. local labor force potential – conflict or opportunity



The association “Wirtschaft für ein weltoffenes Sachsen” is dedicating its kick-off events in Dresden and Chemnitz to the topic of “Cosmopolitanism vs. local workforce potential – conflict or opportunity” and is inviting Saxon companies to attend. In her keynote speech, Dr. Regine Schmalhorst, Managing Director of Internal Services at the Saxony Regional Directorate of the Federal Employment Agency, will shed light on the current situation and developments in the Saxon labour market. Martin Dulig, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport, and Andreas von Bismarck, spokesman of the board of the association WIRTSCHAFT FÜR EIN WELTOFFENES SACHSEN e.V., will discuss the effects of demographic developments on the economic potential of the Free State of Saxony, Saxony’s dwindling reputation and the participation of immigrants in economic performance. The association also provides information about its goals and activities.

Saxony has a stable SME structure in which more and more employment opportunities exist. Unemployment figures are falling and the number of unfilled vacancies is now rising significantly, so there is an urgent need to find other ways of securing skilled workers for the local economy. Based on current assumptions, including those of the BAA, the labor force potential will decrease by 3.6 million people across Germany by 2030. The Saxon State Office for Statistics estimates that 334,000 employees will no longer be available to companies in Saxony alone by 2030 due to demographic change.

The Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport is investing heavily in securing skilled workers until 2020. For example, the Skilled Workers Directive provides regional budgets to promote projects and measures that strengthen the family-friendliness and attractiveness of the regions as employers and as a home for foreign skilled workers. One example of concrete support is the labor market mentoring program, which aims to show refugees prospects in training and employment in the districts and cities.

In addition to the measures initiated by the Saxon state government, the Saxon business community needs to take the initiative to strengthen the trust of our customers and partners in the long term and to increase the attractiveness of the Free State of Saxony for national and international skilled workers.

The aim of the association is to establish a network with a clear commitment to cosmopolitanism and an international Saxony. Our members assume social responsibility and demonstrate their attitude towards the general public, their customers and their own employees. The association sees itself as an umbrella brand for Saxon companies and aims to create a platform that facilitates the exchange of information on ways to integrate immigrants and newcomers. We identify the needs of Saxon companies and want to help them solve specific problems with the help of external partners.

We also organize seminars, lectures and panel discussions. The purpose of these events is to provide information about interculturality as an opportunity, to convey the importance of skilled workers from all over the world for the Saxon economy and the existence and future security of local jobs, and to discuss ways of dealing with each other peacefully. Our aim is to raise awareness in the workforce, engage in dialog about reservations and work together to identify problems and develop solutions.

Our network is committed to promoting and supporting the integration of newcomers and immigrants into Saxon companies. We want to ensure that both employers and colleagues recognize that the integration of domestic and foreign skilled workers not only entails hurdles, but can also offer enormous opportunities.

We collect and disseminate reports from entrepreneurs who have already gained experience with the integration of skilled workers from Germany and abroad and provide competent partners who support the integration process in the company.

We want to make a concrete contribution to greater economic performance in Saxony.


Saxon companies see a threat to the economic and entrepreneurial potential of Saxony as a business location due to xenophobic and xenophobic attacks and the associated media coverage, particularly in the context of the immigration movement to Germany since 2015.

The association “Wirtschaft für ein weltoffenes Sachsen” wants to counteract these tendencies and establish a network with a clear commitment to cosmopolitanism and internationality in the Free State of Saxony. The association would like to make a concrete contribution to strengthening and expanding the existing great potential of Saxony’s economy in order to benefit society as a whole.

Founding members

– Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH
– Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek
– HSEB Dresden GmbH
– NetTask GmbH
– Pfefferkorn & Friends, pfk projekt GmbH
– ressourcenmangel dresden GmbH
– Silicon Saxony e. V.
– Terrot Ltd.
– Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co KG
– WeichertMehner Unternehmensberatung für Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG


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